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The Adjustable Spanner Volume II

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As author Ron Geesin predicted, The Adjustable Spanner (published by The Crowood Press in 2016) would stimulate further discoveries from under beds and benches - and provoke reactions from descendants of the early inventors and manufacturers. So it proved to be, and what started out as a modest supplement has grown into another book.
128 pp.
222 photographs - many full page, and colour

The Adjustable Spanner Volume II gathers together revelatory information arising from his first book, and combines it with further detailed analyses of manufacturers and biographical details of inventors. Described with warmth, detailed knowledge and a dash of humour, and set against the backdrop of parallel developments of the Industrial Revolution, this book brings the enthusiast up to date with continued attempts at design improvements to this iconic absurdity.

Celebrating the global influence of Clyburn’s transverse rack and worm design and concluding with an overview of how the adjustable spanner is now manufactured and used worldwide, this book will be an invaluable asset to bookshelves of both the collector and the industrial historian.



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