[HEDCD 001]                         £9.75 (incl. delivery worldwide)FUNNY FROWN (CD)


 17 tracks - 60 minutes

Ron Geesin's collected best works 1980-1990, all previously unissued. Various electronic and acoustic combinations. 6-page foldout booklet with photos and Ron's notes on each track.

 "an entertaining and witty collection"
The Wire

"What's more, it gets better with each listen."
- Jukebox

"provides an ideal introduction to the strange and unlikely world of Ron Geesin."
- Tower Records 'TOP'

"disturbingly reassuring" - "timelessly anachronistic"
Robert Wyatt

1. Bell Sigh 9. Go!
2. Driftbox 10. Throat Poise
3. Vivaldi's Largo In D 11. The Living City
4. Piano Prance 12. Floating Out
5. Slink 13. Ample Sample
6. Mad Kite 14. Ron's Tune
7. Hot Breath 15. Through Leaves
8. Lonely Park 16. Whistling Heart
  17. Fingal's Grave

All composed, recorded and played by Ron Geesin, except:
3. arranged, not composed;
7. Frank Skully (drums);
14. alto saxophone by John R. T. Davies.