[HEDCD 003]                         £9.75 (incl. delivery worldwide)Right Through - and Beyond (CD)

15 tracks - 61 minutes

 Here is the digital reissue of the vinyl Right Through (RON323) – all 9 tracks - remastered from the original tapes plus previously unissued alternative ending (track 10) and Sour New Year suite originally made for BBC radio (tracks 11-15). 12-page wrap-round booklet with photos and all the words.

 "Through doors of sound that glint and glide,
you lift off ground on rippled ride,
you even see what brews inside
your spinning head -
Right Through."


"the ultimate expression of illustrious insanity and aberrant brilliance"
- Sounds

"every little throb baffles, each syncopation mystifies, its existence seems only to serve as the missing piece in the jigsaw that is popular music"
- Sounds

"He is a wired Mike Oldfield"
- Creative Loafing (USA)

1. Door-o-plane gets its blades 9. Rhythiano plonks the plug out, and we follow
2. Blades spin notions 10. Rhythiano plonks the plug out, and we follow - alt. version
3. Motion above rhythidoor 11. New Year Entry
4. Four guitars did laugh, then thought again 12. New Year Adventure
5. Throb thencewards thrill 13. New Year Ear
6. Hiding haul of voices, hail! 14. Rattle That New Year
7. Shut out hailing calls through you 15. Big Ben's Resolution
8. Gong of going goes right through